Data Security Service

Data Security Service

Companies today receive and store more confidential client and project data than ever before. But few organisations understand the reputational and financial risk they’re facing. Not only are cybercriminals becoming more advanced, any type of data loss or data breach — even those due to simple human error — can trigger reporting requirements, reputation damage, and financial penalties.

In this environment, every organisation is at risk. That’s why Mindtress Systems’s cybersecurity offerings are grounded in a deep understanding of both today’s threats and the technology needed to defend against them.

Our team will help you improve your overall cyber resilience so you can defend your business from cyber-attacks and quickly respond to, and recover from, a cyber-attack if necessary.’

Threat Protection

Our Connect + Protect addresses team members’ lack of knowledge around ransomware and phishing scams; guards against malware in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, and enables fast data restoration, in the event of an attack.

  • Secure mailboxes against advanced threats
  • Protect against unsafe attachments
  • Protect environments when users click malicious links
  • Access protection reporting and message link tracking

Security Management

Connect + Protect prevents unsecured devices from accessing your data, protecting devices containing your business’s IP through policy enforcement. This enables your organisation to manage and maintain visibility at a device level, including wiping lost devices or controlling the partial wipe of BYOD devices.

  • Deploy policies to manage devices
  • Enforce encryption at a hard drive level on compatible machines
  • Increase security levels to protect against malware
  • Enforce security measures on mobility devices such as lock screen pin codes for additional access protection

Data Compliance

Meet your compliance goals by assigning, tracking, and recording data compliance and assessment-related activities. Connect + Protect reduces your organisation’s exposure to risk by tracking your progress and prioritising auditing controls.

End the headache of yearly data compliance audits by configuring Compliance Manager, simplifying your external auditing requirements through the Compliance dashboard, and utilising reporting tools to deliver compliance assessments using in-built templates or custom assessments built to meet your needs.

Information Protection

Connect + Protect ensures appropriate data visibility within your business, including automatically securing documents based on their content and monitoring risky team member behaviour. This protects your business’s intellectual property, even if data files are stolen.

  • Enforce data protection at a file and folder level
  • Identify sensitive information across a variety of locations including devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises
  • Classify and label documents based on defined sensitivity levels
  • Configure protective actions such as encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings
  • Gain visibility into how sensitive information is being used in cloud services

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Eliminate the loss of productive time on password reset processes and enhance user authentication security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the Microsoft 365 environment on both PC and mobility devices.

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Data Security Service

Companies Today Receive And Store More Confidential Client And Project Data Than Ever Before. But Few Organisations Understand The Reputational And Financial Risk They’re Facing. Not Only Are Cybercriminals Becoming More Advanced, Any Type Of Data Loss Or Data Breach — Even Those Due To Simple Human Error — Can Trigger Reporting Requirements, Reputation Damage, And Financial Penalties.

We Believe to Deliver High Quality Solutions to You !

Our team will help you improve your overall cyber resilience so you can defend your business from cyber-attacks and quickly respond to, and recover from, a cyber-attack if necessary.’